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Happy Cat Hotel
Bratislava Slovakia

Accomodation for cats

We accomodate your cat in its own mini apartment with a large common playground. If you have two or more cats, they can stay together and play together. Our playground is full of toys and also includes a large climbing tree. Perhaps the biggest entertainers however are our two daughters, who are on hand to help accustom your pet to its new surroundings more quickly.

What to bring with your cat

To ensure your cat feels at home, it helps to bring a few things along.

  • Vaccination certificate with valid vaccination
  • Portable cage (some cats like to sleep in it)
  • Favorite toy
  • Pillow / blanket / something familiar
  • Own meals (if you prefer)
  • Money for accommodation, payable in advance

Postcards from your cat

If you are missing your four-legged friend, we are happy to send you a postcard by email from your cats vacation to yours. These free postcards allow you to see just how happy your cat is, playing, sleeping, or enjoying the view of the garden. Have a look just how happy our guests really are in our gallery of postcards.

Accommodation conditions

  • Your cat must have valid vaccinations against feline panleukopenia, calicivir√≥ze, erpesvir√≥ze and rabies. Of course your cat must also be free of disease and parasites.
  • The vaccination certificate must remain at the hotel during the stay.
  • Payment for accommodation in the hotel must be paid in advance.
  • A contract will be signed at check-in between the hotel operator and the owner of the cat.
  • If the cat does not meet all the requirements related to the accommodation in our hotel, we reserve the right to cancel or refuse accommodation.


Accommodation per day
One cat 10 €
Cat with own food 8,80 €


accommodation for more than 10 days 5 %
two and more cats 10 %

We look forward to hearing from you

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