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Happy Cat Hotel
Bratislava Slovakia

Welcome ...

Accomodation for cats

in a quiet family environment

Traveling on vacation or business trip?

Welcome to the Happy Cat Hotel. We are located in the Bratislava suburb of Devinska Nova Ves in beautiful surroundings. We provide complete full day care for your feline pets whether you are going on a business trip, vacation, or even just a weekend away.
We ensure each guest is treated with love and patient care, providing your cat with the hands-on attention you are unable to give while away.

As you know ...

Who would take care of your cat? You might ask a neighbor or a family member. However it is often the case that conflicts exist between neighbors or family, or they have busy schedules, leaving you with extra worry with each vacation.

What now?

We offer a simple and carefree solution. Let us look after your beloved kitty in our specialized cat hotel. We provide complete all day care during your absence, allowing you to enjoy a holiday without worries.

We look forward to hearing from you

+421 948 60 50 36